Former Sixth Avenue Barnes & Noble Site will not be a TD Bank

Former Barnes & Noble Space Greenwich Village will not be a TD Bank
Former Barnes & Noble Space Greenwich Village will not be a TD Bank
Former Barnes & Noble Space Greenwich Village will not be a TD Bank

On December 31st, 2012, Barnes & Noble at Sixth Avenue and West 8th Street closed. A bookstore had been there at this corner location for years; Barnes & Noble had taken over the space from the B. Dalton chain (the corner had previously been the home of a Nathan’s hot dogs restaurant). People had a mixed relationship to Barnes & Noble over the years viewing it as a chain that had gobbled up the independent book stores. (Some thought the closure was karma.) West 8th Street for years at one time had its own thriving indie bookstore scene.

Nine months after the store shuttered, this blog got a tip that TD Bank was coming to 396 Avenue of the Americas. This was confirmed by DNAinfo; a bank spokesperson told the site, “The bank will open in 2015.” And yet, the space has remained vacant with no visible construction.

WSP Blog reached out to TD Bank and a spokeswoman commented, “We do not have specific details for this particular site.  We are currently researching this and other locations in Manhattan, but have not finalized any Store openings at this time.”

And yet they had confirmed it back in 2013. Something must have gone astray. Is it possible TD Bank could not afford the rent there?

What will become of this highly visible corner? Funny how I (sorry) sort of miss the Barnes & Noble. That big hulking empty building just looks so sad.

Vacant Barnes & Noble Space Sixth Avenue real estate Greenwich Village
Vacant Barnes & Noble Space Greenwich Village

For something more positive, here is a fantastic map of bookstores in New York City and elsewhere and the site author’s favorites.

Note: Some of the items have not been updated to reflect some bookstores which have moved or closed but still a creative, clever map.

Closed Forever Sign Barnes & Noble 8th Street Greenwich Village
“Closed Forever” Sign on Barnes & Noble Greenwich Village Door
Closing Barnes & Noble Greenwich Village 2012
“We’re Closing” Barnes & Noble Greenwich Village

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