Village Vegetarian Restaurant Gobo on Sixth Avenue Has Closed

Gobo now for rent
Gobo now for rent

Vegetarian restaurant, Gobo, on Sixth Avenue between Waverly and 8th Street, has closed. I noticed this For Lease signage just yesterday while it appears to have shuttered in September according to a Yelp comment. Their web site is gone and all signs of them seem to have vanished. The restaurant’s last tweet was in mid-August (although they did not have a very active Twitter account to begin with). They described themselves as follows:

Welcome to gobo, where spirited vegetarian dining awakens the five senses for each Guest. Rooted in Zen compassion, gobo is founded on the belief that delicious food & beverages using wholesome, non-meat ingredients will nourish both your body & mind.

You can see the menu here which was vegan/vegetarian/asian fusion with some organic. Gobo had been there since at least the late 1990s. While I had not been there in a very long time, it felt like a harmonious spot and was popular.

It’s always sad when a long-time mainstay closes and particularly with no notice. That block has seen some big changes in the last two years. This closure is likely another mammoth rent increase situation with TD Bank coming across the street (it’s been taking forever… Barnes & Noble closed New Years Eve 2012) and Gray’s Papaya shuttered at the beginning of this year.

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  1. Breaks my heart. I loved that place. My vegan sis is in town for the NYC Marathon, and I had planned on taking her there again, only to discover both locations are gone. 🙁

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