Comm. Board 2 to Discuss Washington Sq Park “Operational Issues” Wednesday Night July 2nd

From Community Board 2:

PARKS/WATERFRONT Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 2nd @ 6:00 PM
Little Red School House, 272 Sixth Avenue at Prince Street, Auditorium

Topics on Agenda:

- Friends of Petrosino Park to discuss status of the park.
– Christopher Park Partnership introduction to Community Board 2
Discussion of Washington Square Park operational issues.

Re: WSP, that’s a bit, uh, vague although I was told that the “noise” level of music at the park is contained within “operational issues.”

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5 Responses

  1. pliny says:

    i know it is not really in the park
    but the park seems to be surrounded by yogurt and ice cream trucks
    that keep their very smelly motors running all day long
    i guess this is mostly weekends
    is this something the park people could address
    as a quality of air issue?

  2. cathryn says:

    Hi pliny,

    Interesting. Maybe. Let me look for that specifically this weekend. Sorry for the delayed response!


  3. nygrump says:

    We can’t get the thousands of food trucks out of midtown that run generators and blast cooking fumes onto street level and keep their patrons from lining up across the sidewalk blocking traffic – good luck with this. It seems like if it isn’t some kind of crisis or related oppressing to class struggle (e.g., Occupy) the City just doesn’t do anything.

  4. nygrump says:

    oop, should be “and DO NOT keep their patrons from lining up across the sidewalk blocking traffic”

  5. pliny says:

    it is the constant fumes from the running motors that is the problem,
    not the presence of the food trucks
    there are far more of them around Union Square,
    the pink colored yogurt trucks look to be the most primitive.
    what can be done? probably nothing

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