Swiss Filmmaker Comes to NY, Films Over Eight Days and Encapsulates Washington Square Park in Three Minute Short Film

Swiss filmmaker Rolf Hellat┬ácame to New York last month and created this 3 minute and 23 second short film capturing “wonderful moment in Washington Square Park.”

When I asked Hellat if he set out to do this or the idea came to him as he spent time in the park, he said, “In the beginning, I planned to shoot a documentary on performers in the New Yorker subway, but when roaming around in New York I liked the Washington Square Park much more and loved the energy and ambience there, so I decided to document it for 8 days. In the editing room I found the final structure then.”

He got me at the squirrel in the first 16 seconds!

Via his site:

A musical short film on a piano player and the beautiful moments of daily life around him in Washington Square Park New York.

Piano Player: Colin Huggins
Music Composer: Rachmaninoff, Debussy
Director, DoP, Editor: Rolf Hellat

Short Film by Rolf Hellat