Teen Tourist from Texas Gets Foot Stuck in Jet of Washington Sq Fountain

Teen Tourist from Texas Gets Foot Stuck in Jet of Washington Sq Fountain

So.. it wasn’t one of the plume-less side jets which caused the problem (which conceivably would make more sense… I haven’t checked them lately but one had a big hole where the cover should be for the longest time) nonetheless a teenage tourist visiting New York City with her choir group from Prospect, Texas got her foot stuck in one of the center jets of the Washington Square Park Fountain yesterday afternoon, as first reported by DNAinfo. There are signs on the plaza indicating that wading in the fountain is not allowed — probably mostly as a precautionary move — but I’m trying to figure out the mechanics of how this might have happened. I guess her foot slipped?

From DNAinfo:

A member of a Texas church choir was badly cut when she plunged knee-deep into a water jet in the Washington Square Park fountain Monday afternoon.

Youngsters on a nine-day mission trip from a Texas Baptist church tried to cool off from the day’s 94-degree temperature with a frolic in the water jets — which are supposed to be off-limits, according to posted signs.

But the group began to panic when the teen girl slipped and got her foot momentarily trapped in an open grate above the jet around 2 p.m. Monday, cutting her heel.

Very dramatic. Tho’ the site reports that later she tweeted, “Currently sittin in the hospital bc I gt my foot stuck in a fountain… #nbdtho.” (#nbd = no big deal)

Photo: Joe Tabacca

(More graphic photos including her being carried out by a gallant man at DNAinfo.)