“Break The Chain” Video Takes To NYC Streets & Public Spaces Featuring NYC Girls Choreographed by Debbie Allen; New Anthem For Ending Violence Against Women and Girls


Check out award-winning choreographer Debbie Allen (“So You Think You Can Dance,” “Fame”) and award-winning playwright Eve Ensler‘s collaboration with noted music producer Tena Clark — the result is the the song and accompanying music video “Break The Chain” part of a global call to end violence against women and girls. Look for the flash mob within which takes over Bryant Park and the dancing which features parts of the VillageWest 8th Street and DUMBO.

Learn more about One Billion Rising, non-profit org. V-Day’s major campaign, currently ongoing, in the movement to end violence against women, and how you can get involved now and on February 14th, 2013 in NYC (when events are planned in over 175 countries! Dance is a key component). Also soon to come — choreographed instructions via Debbie Allen on how to do the dance moves featured in the video and set up your own flash mob. Perhaps at WSP?