Scenes around the Park and Greenwich and East Village Saturday | Aftermath of the Storm

Garibaldi hidden by large downed branch

Updated — A bit of a delay in posting these shots from Saturday at the Park and nearby Greenwich and East Village. This shot of Garibaldi, while you can see the storm-damaged branches fenced off around him, may not fully illustrate that his ‘face’ (actually entire body) he is entirely hidden by a large hanging tree branch! (You also cannot tell how precarious that branch looks.)

p.s. Those fences finally became good for something. Garibaldi statue mysteriously behind gates since around the time a piece of the Arch fell off.

Police Guard Arch
Branches down near the Arch

The tree damage could have been worse. The trees near the Fountain tho’… don’t look like they are faring that well (not necessarily due to the hurricane). On Washington Square North and West, there were some downed trees, since removed, but it looks like mostly branches throughout rest of park.

On one of the walkways…
Squirrel utilizes downed branch to sit
Lights On!
More branches…
Washington Square Dog Run Halloween Party Postponed
West Eighth Street Ghost Town

Above, view Saturday looking east on Eighth Street. Okay, it was early in the morning ( 9 a.m.) but any of the stores that were open were mostly opening for the first time Saturday, November 3rd – 5 days after the storm.

Starbucks Sign Pre-Sandy Still Up – Closed
Sign says ‘Blame the Weatherman”
Saturday Barnes & Noble still closed
While Gray’s Papaya across the Street … open
Bigelow’s Generator, Sixth Avenue
Bigelow’s Open

In Bigelow’s where they had first opened Friday 11/2 from 1-6 and Saturday at 9 a.m., a worker told me that Lenny’s next door had been serving free coffee, muffins and sandwiches during the time the power was out. She said, “I’ll never forget that — I’m sure others won’t as well.”

First Day Open for Think Coffee Saturday
Milk, Water, Food St Mark’s Church
St. Mark’s Church Feeding People E. 10th Street
Back to the Arch

Still Standing!

Photos: Cathryn

* * *

More on St. Mark’s Church Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts.

Also ways to help via Occupy Sandy.

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